The Charming Candle Co

I have a never ending love for candles, I actually blame my mum because she was obsessed and I’ve always been brought up with like a million dotted around the house.  I think that candles just always make the room look 100 times cosier when lit, perfect for my Netflix binging of course. So when I had to opportunity to review The Charming Candle Co new jewellery candles (£35) it was obviously a no brainer, I’d be silly not too right!?!

If you have not heard of The Charming Candle Co before then they are a new company just founded in 2017, with a mission to shake up gift-giving. Want to know more? Read ahead.

“We’re new, and we want to be different. We think gifts should be interesting.”

Firstly what instantly catches my eye is the packaging, the candle comes in a gorgeous white box with gold enhancements. Inside your eyes are treated with a beautifully designed candle which comes with gold illustrations printed on clear glass it just looks magical and high quality. The candles are all hand made using natural wax, reusable jars, cotton wicks which are free from lead, tin and zinc, absolutely no bad stuff.

The Charming Candle Co currently have a range of candles all for £35 each allowing you to choose either a charm or jewellery, they currently have Luscious Vanilla, Fresh Linen, Pina Colada, Lavender Spa, Pink Champagne and Paradise Beach.

When it comes to buying candles I always look for the scent rather than how pretty it looks and also how powerful that scent is, because there is nothing worse than a stinky candle and having it burn it for hours without any scent pay off! But you really don’t have that problem with The Charming Candle Co, the scent is strong which you can even smell before you have opened the packaging, always a good sign.

I was kindly sent Luscious Vanilla* which is a rich, warming, creamy concoction. Luscious vanilla has top notes of rich Madagascan vanilla pods whipped to a buttery frenzy with a hint of nutmeg. As soon as I opened the box I recognised the scent which it’s similar to the smell of Lush’s Fun bars so of course I fell in love instantly. As mentioned there is nothing worse than burning a candle with no scent pay off, the candle burns filling your room with a stunning rich vanilla scent which literally spreads throughout the house, it smells AMAZING.

“Scent has the power to define an atmosphere and elevate your mood. Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that makes you feel unique Surprise! The thrill of discovering what jewellery you get each time is highly addictive”

Just when you think this Candle can’t get any better, it does. The two wick candle comes with a hidden piece jewellery or charm depending on which you choose, so the general idea is that you burn away your candle to reveal your hidden surprise, but be careful because the wax is hot!

I’ve found that you have to burn your candle for a good few hours, I believe mine took around 3-4 hours to reveal the hidden surprise which is covered in foil but then a further hour or so to be able to fully get the foiled piece out.


After much anticipation of what you are going to find in your candle here comes the big reveal, I waited for the foil to cool and was greeted by a beautiful silver rocking horse charm stamped 925 so it is real sterling silver, it is simply beautiful. The charm will fit perfectly on my themed Pandora bracelet for my little girl as each charm has a meaning. The candle still has around 50+ hours left allowing you to enjoy for a movie night, pamper evening or just day to day burning.



Head over to The Charming Candle Co to grab your very own candle. They currently have 20% off for Bank Holiday.

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Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas 3 Votive and Holder Gift Set £9.99, ASOS Ultra Fluffy Mittens £10.00, New Look Metal Heel Slingback Heeled Shoe Boot £24.00, Christmas Gift Box GREEN TULIP ETHICAL LIVING £16, GHD COPPER LUXE BLACK PLATINUM GIFT SET £155.00, House of Disaster Pink Hippo Light £35.00, ASOS Metallic Clutch Bag With Metal Bar £15.00, Solid Rose Gold Interlocking Hearts Necklace £89.00 & Spotty China Letter Mug £14.95

I usually always leave my Christmas shopping until last minute which isn’t the wisest idea but thankfully I did mine in November, well the bulk of it so were a bit more prepared this year which has saved me running around like a headless chicken. I’ve complied a guide which is full of different price ranges and gifts that will suit the majority of ladies for Christmas these can all be bought online *hurrah* saving you mowing through busy town centres, which as you know is an absolute nightmare.



Shop Dixi Moonstone Engagement Ring


Growing up I had always loved the rings that my mum wore, so when she passed away she left me some of her jewellery which included an absolutely stunning diamond and ruby ring. This became my engagement ring but I am always paranoid the jewels might fall out and with it being the only thing I have left of her I didn’t want to risk it any longer.

I have forever admired the jewellery on Shop Dixi, their ranges are absolutely stunning.  I particularly like The Killing Moon & Harvest Moon but never brought myself to making a purchase, I just always forget. When I saw a picture of their moonstone engagement ring  (£60) I knew it had to be mine, it was perfect!

“Light Your Way is a delicate yet enchanting sterling silver ring. Featuring a mystical rainbow moonstone centre as the focal point for this piece, she’s a romantic and beautiful piece- perfect for your loved one.”


As mentioned in their description the ring is delicate and kind to the eye, it is made from sterling silver with the band being quite thin. With this the band is perfect for me as my fingers are only small so I end up with a sausage finger if I wear too many on one (it isn’t a good look trust me). The only disappointing thing I would have to mention is the packaging, it came in a cardboard box with ‘DIXI’ wrote on it, inside was a little grip seal bag which in my opinion wasn’t very flattering especially if it’s classed as an engagement ring and also for such a beautiful ring. Understandably this may be due for it fitting through the letter box but it could have at least been placed in a little draw string bag to make it feel that little bit more special and elegant.


Karma Se7en Body Jewellery


For anyone that has met or knows me will know that I have piercings and tattoos, I totally understand that this isn’t to everyone’s liking but it is what I have always been interested in so when I was contacted by Karma Se7en to review some of their body jewellery I obviously said yes. I was sent a set of 8mm *Iron Wood Flesh Tunnels (£4.99 each) to feature on my blog.

The delivery process was really simple and fast which I always look out for when buying things as I absolutely hate waiting around when I know I have goodies coming I tend to get too excited. Upon opening the package I noticed the cute purple vibrant box which is a really nice little touch as usually when I buy body jewellery from shops it just comes in a little ziplock bag, nothing special really.

These Iron Wood tunnels are made from sustainably sourced wood which feels high quality and incredibly smooth and for £5 each they are well worth every penny. They are also really comfortable to wear, even whilst your sleeping which again is really important to me as my last ones weren’t and to be honest who wants to be uncomfortable whilst they sleep, I definitely don’t.

The tunnels are also slight double flare with a little lip that are more comfortable for me inserting them in my ears unlike the saddle shaped double flares as I always struggle getting those in and out making cleaning them a breeze.

*PR Sample*


Amanda Louise Spayd Dust Bunnies Necklace!


 I am a huge fan of handmade jewellery so when I saw this Amanda Louise Spayd Dust Bunnies necklace I could not resist buying it and decided to purchase it immediately especially as her work sells out super FAST.

Maple wood Dust Bunnies pendant (RRP $24)

 Firstly I must comment on the presentation of the packaging, it is absolutely fantastic with a cute touch giving those dust bunnies a comfy journey to their new homes. The necklace is one of her fantastic handcrafted dust bunnies which tend to be in the form of plush, this necklace is presented on maple wood giving it her signature look. A lovely addition to this already beautifully crafted necklace it that it has a laser engraved back featuring her logo tiled throughout the design.

This necklace has to be one of my favourites in my collection it is on my neck almost everyday!



Hats off to Amanda for a fantastic piece, unfortunately for you guys this not available anymore but you can check her work out on her Blogspot by clicking her logo below.


What are your thoughts on this piece?


Pill Necklace – Occult Collection

I recently stumbled across Pill jewellery on Instagram and instantly fell in love, lucky for me she was having a sale on her Occult mini collection. I had to get my hands on her gorgeous Occult Moon necklace which is inspired by the power of the moon. Not only did this necklace look amazing on the website but it is absolutely stunning in person!

I have to give credit to Jo, she outdid herself on the packaging with personalised rubber stamps and a mini envelope in which the necklace was packaged in.




Overall I am extremely pleased with both the quality and packaging and as a bonus she sent me a beautiful moon broach to go with the necklace.



Please click on the Pill’s logo below to take you over to her store and grab yourself some beautiful hand crafted jewellery.