Urban Decay Mini Haul


Being a beauty blogger makeup is forever on my to buy list especially when it comes to Urban Decay, their product range is gorgeous and i’m never left disappointed. I went to Debenhams a couple of weeks ago and strolled past the Ubran Decay counter and spotted that they had their Shadow Box palette for around £16 instead of their usual price of £23, obviously it went straight in my basket, there’s no doubt about that.. i’d be a fool not to.

This beautiful palette has 12 incredibly beautiful and buttery shades, all 12 of them are super pigmented, creamy and blendable. As of late I have been wearing smog, lost and baked cowboy constantly, it is definitely a perfect autumn look.

Shades: Sin, Indo, Bordello, Tornado, Smog, Blackout, Flash, Mushroom, Lost, Freelove, Moonshadow and Baked Cowboy.

What I love about this palette it that it is just the perfect size for travelling, it’s handy for when your out and about so you can pop it into your handbag or makeup bag without it taking up a lot of space, it also has a nice sized mirror so your able to do that perfect smokey eye look on the go.. perfect right?

I also picked up one of Urban Decay’s Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in the shade Disturbed (£15), fortunately for myself I really do not need any more lipsticks in this type of shade but you know what? I couldn’t help myself, I am well and truly obsessed as all you lipstick lovers will understand.. I feel so bare without any lipstick on. Even though this is a matte lipstick unlike some brands it glides across my lips without feeling dry or picking up those pesky dry areas, *curse having super dry and chapped lips in winter* leaving a bold and super pigmented statement lip behind. I honestly cannot recommend this shade enough for an autumn/winter look or even those who feel like that want something a little bit more dramatic than pink shades.

What is on your Urban Decay wish list?


Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas 3 Votive and Holder Gift Set £9.99, ASOS Ultra Fluffy Mittens £10.00, New Look Metal Heel Slingback Heeled Shoe Boot £24.00, Christmas Gift Box GREEN TULIP ETHICAL LIVING £16, GHD COPPER LUXE BLACK PLATINUM GIFT SET £155.00, House of Disaster Pink Hippo Light £35.00, ASOS Metallic Clutch Bag With Metal Bar £15.00, Solid Rose Gold Interlocking Hearts Necklace £89.00 & Spotty China Letter Mug £14.95

I usually always leave my Christmas shopping until last minute which isn’t the wisest idea but thankfully I did mine in November, well the bulk of it so were a bit more prepared this year which has saved me running around like a headless chicken. I’ve complied a guide which is full of different price ranges and gifts that will suit the majority of ladies for Christmas these can all be bought online *hurrah* saving you mowing through busy town centres, which as you know is an absolute nightmare.



3D Printed Fairy Door

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Coming up with new ideas for children’s Christmas presents is incredibly hard, well at least I find it to be, I find myself searching my brain constantly and it probably doesn’t make it any easier with my daughter Scarlett being 2 as she can’t really suggest what she wants. Searching the internet endlessly for ideas I came across fairy doors, which I believe are around £10-£15, I think it’s such a cute idea and perfect present for children to keep their little imaginations running wild. The idea of them is to pop them against your skirting boards and it creates a magical door way to fairy & elf world.


Lucky for me though my model maker husband has various 3D printers and suggested that he would 3D model and print it using REAL wood infused filament. For those of you who are interested, the process taken to make it included modelling a simple shaped door in a programme called Fusion360 and then using a clay sculpting programme (Zbrush) to carve out the shapes and the detail such as the rocks and wood grain. After completing it, the door was then printed on one of his 3D printers and finished painting in acrylic paints, he created a video on the making of it here:

Want one for yourself? we’ve also got one to give away to you beautiful bunch, just enter below alternatively you can grab one on Etsy.

Fairy Door Giveaway!

International Giveaway

Check out Model3D here


H&M Wish List

I am absolutely obsessed with H&M I want everything when I go in store and they’re always reasonably priced, these are definitely the times that I wish money grew on trees. Though I always find myself disappointed in their sizes especially when it comes to jeans, they only go up to a size 16 and I can’t even squeeze my thighs into them which doesn’t give you a boost of confidence but the t-shirts, jumpers etc are absolutely fine.

Long cardigan £14.99, Oversized jumper £14.99, Pom pom hat £7.99, Short lace dress £29.99, Pj leggings set £14.99, Glittery blanket £29.99, Small glass plant pot £7.99, Kids patterned duvet set £14.99Scented candle in glass jar £0.99, Eyeshadow palette £9.99 , Eyeshadow palette £9.99, Ankle boots £29.99,Wool-blend bouclé coat £39.99

This wish list is full of cosy wear and home bits ready for winter,  my absolute favourite of the bunch is the short lace dress which would be perfect for any upcoming Christmas and New Year parties.

What’s on your wish lists?


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel


I received this 50ml sample of *Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel in the post from BzzAgent. After receiving this product and reading up on the product my first impressions are positive.

"Hydro Boost Water Gel instantly quenches dry skin and keeps it looking smooth, supple and hydrated day after day. The unique water gel formula absorbs quickly, like a gel, but has the long-lasting, intense moisturizing power of a cream. It boosts skin's hydration level and locks it in all day. 

Naturally found in the skin, hydrating hyaluronic acid acts as a sponge for dry skin cells, moisturizing with up to 1,000 times its weight in water, resulting in more supple and smooth skin."

The product claims to lock the moisture into your skin, my skin is in a pretty bad place at the moment being quite dehydrated and spots everywhere! *sad face* so i’m hoping this product gives it that boost it claims.

Upon opening the product, I was quite pleased with the packing, it comes in a lovely blue pot which is attractive to the eye. The product itself is quite a thin consistency but once applied to your face it absorbs nicely into the skin within seconds and does not leave your skin feeling sticky. Once I had applied the product to my skin using a circular motion it left my skin feeling incredibly soft. So far I have tried it before applying my foundation, due to my skin being in a bad place my foundation doesn’t seem to be blending as well as it normally does, however after using this product it has provided the perfect base for my foundation leaving my makeup looking pretty darn perfect!


I am excited to keep on testing this product out to see whether it does everything it claims! I shall keep you posted!

*This post contains sample products*


Autumn & Winter Bold Lip Favourites


With colder months fast approaching plum, purples and deep red lipsticks are many of people’s choices especially mine! I never used to wear such a dark lipstick as I didn’t think I would pull it off, but who cares! After my first Michael Kors lipstick in the shade Dame I am now obsessed, to me it doesn’t matter if it’s the same shade or different brand, I must own it. So what better than to share my most favourite autumn and winter lipsticks with my lovely readers.

Michael Kors Lip Laquer – Dame (£23.50)

This gorgeous subtle shimery plum lipstick is so creamy, moisturising and doesn’t stick to any dry patches on your lips which is perfect for the colder months. Dame is build-able so it’s great for those who don’t want such an intense dramatic lip and also for those who are not sure if it’s the right shade for them, I tend to build 2 layers to get the correct shade for me.

 see original post here.

Lush Santa Baby (£5.95)

Last year Lush had this in a pot form I am so excited that they have finally converted it to stick form this year! Hurrah. Santa Baby is a matte lipstick and not so moisturising, even though it does glide along your lips it does highlight any dry patches so I like to use this in conjunction with their Santa lip scrub. This lipstick has INCREDIBLE lasting power, it literally doesn’t budge at all and possibly one of the best i’ve used!

RMK Irresistable Glow Lips 12 – (£19.50)

I absolutely love this lipstick for a more subtle winter makeup look or even for work, its a beautiful subtle plum/pink colour, again another moisturising lipstick.. can you see a theme here?

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub (£5.50)

If you suffer from dry lips like I do then this will be a life saver what’s even better, it smells of cola cubes too! It is a handbag favourite and never leaves.

Revlon Super Lustrous – Black Cherry (£7.99)

This Revlon lipstick is a stunning deep purple when applied directly, after a couple of hours it fades to a berry plum colour. I love how the pigment is intense and so creamy instantly giving your lips a huge moisture boost.

 see original post here.

Mac – Studded Kiss (£15.50)

A beautiful deep burgundy ox blood matte lipstick that has amazing lasting power and intense pigment, it is just incredible and smells like mini eggs!

 see original post here.

What is your favourite autumn/winter lipstick?


Mini Boots Haul


Having a Boots store literally just down the road does me no favours for my makeup addiction! I am forever walking round the store with Scarlett getting bits and bobs, I literally can’t help myself. I have been on the look out for a new foundation as I currently use Lush Colour Supplement in Jackie Oates but it doesn’t really provide the coverage I would like when my face breaks out. I stumbled across this Bourjois Healthy Mix in Light Vanilla (£9.99) which is their lightest shade, I swatched it in store even though there were no mirrors and bad lighting it looked pretty good so I grabbed it.

As many bloggers will know it is a huge pain in the arse when you buy something you want to review on your blog but you can’t use it until it’s photographed but I managed to get around this because it’s pumpable (YAY). I got home and tried it out straight away, I instantly liked how it wasn’t too thick and creamy compared to some foundations as that can feel quite heavy on my face and look cakey for my liking.  I also love how this foundation provides me with a lovely full coverage from just one pump for my whole face and yet it looks really natural adding a subtle healthy glow.

I also picked up the Bourjois Colorband (£5.99) in the shades Brun Dadaiste and Beige Minimal I bought these after seeing them being used on a bloggers Youtube video, which I can’t remember for the life of me but I adored the colours. When I headed to Boots they had a 3 for 2 offer on all Bourjois products so I swatched these and instantly fell in love with the pigmentation, it was simply stunning. These Colorbands have a lovely creamy texture which glide over your eyelids effortlessly staying put for hours without the need of a eye primer and are crease free what more could you want?!

I am not a huge eyeshadow wearer I usually opt for a winged liner and plus I am also totally useless at blending! though I have found these Colorbands to be fantastic making my life so much easier too, they are super easy to blend leaving your eyes looking amazing in a couple of seconds.

I would definitely say that was a successful mini haul and I shall be purchasing the other shades at some point!

Have you tried any of these these? What did you think?


Ultimate Spa Bathroom

Images from Pintrest

I absolutely love my little pamper sessions, lets be honest who doesn’t?! I always try and make time for them to help me to unwind a little and find time for just me. With my partner working at Lush and also being a blogger I am never short of any pamper essentials especially as my all time favourite products have got to be face masks, though there is always something lacking for me to fully unwind and relax and that’s my bathroom!

We currently rent our home so I can’t really do much to the bathroom other than some candles and plants but I have always had this image in my head of how I would want my perfect bathroom to look.  If money was no object then to be honest I would go absolutely wild, because lets be honest who wouldn’t! it would be perfect and fitting to how I had visioned it.

UK Bathrooms have been carrying out some research into what people would like to create their own ultimate spa bathroom if money was no object. UK Bathrooms asked 1,000 UK residents over the age of 18 and had found that steam showers, whirlpool baths, sensory showers and home saunas were at the top of peoples must haves for creating their ideal spa bathroom. To be honest I would love all those features in my bathroom too!

My perfect spa bathroom would definitely have to be white and warm grey walls, fitted with a gorgeous cast iron bath and underfloor heating would definitely be a must for me as there is nothing worse than getting out of a toasty bath and being cold! I think that plants and candles would give the bathroom that spa feel making you feel more relaxed and definitely be at the top of my to buy list. I would also love my walls to have have lovely prints such as inspirational quotes making you feel good. Finally to finish my ultimate spa bathroom off I would definitely have to have a huge well lit vanity area just because what girl wouldn’t.

The Better Decorating Bible have also featured a post on ways to do a chic and cheap spa-style bathroom makeover no matter what size your bathroom is!

bathroom wish

What would your ultimate spa bathroom feature?


Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

simpleAbout a month ago I was lucky enough to win the Simple #SimpleActs Twitter giveaway winning one of their new Cleansing Micellar Water (£4.49) for me and one for a friend. I haven’t used Simple’s products for a good few years but I absolutely loved their moisturiser! So I was over the moon when I found out that I had won.

 This micellar water recommends you apply a generous amount to a cotton pad, then wipe the pad around the face without running your skin, then gently wipe around closed eyes and there is no need to rinse off afterwards leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

I have been using this in my makeup routine for the past couple of weeks and I am really impressed with it, it removes all of my makeup with a few swipes across my face and my skin is feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. I must admit I do tend to get a little lazy some nights with removing my makeup, it does feel like such a chore when your so tired. Having this micellar water to go to has been a life saver many nights as my makeup is easily removed, my skin feeling clean and not sticky in the slightest.

*Superdrug currently have this on offer for £2.19*


C25K Week 2!


As you may know if your a reader of my blog I have recently started a getting fit series where I have started running a couple of days a week using the C25K app on my phone which you can see my first days progress here.

If you haven’t heard of the C25k app then it is a phone app that is downloadable starting anyone who doesn’t run or those who haven’t in quite a while to begin with short bursts of running mixed with increments of walking, as weeks pass running time increases and walking decreases until your able to run 5k.

So as I mentioned I started using this app last week starting on week one which was split into three days, I managed to complete all three days surprisingly no problem, they were hard as I am not used to running but hurrah I managed it and it felt good. Which brings me on week 2 of the app, again this is split into three days as each week is involving a five minute brisk warmup walk, then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of twenty minutes. I was quite surprised how 30 seconds added on would make such a difference as it really doesn’t seem that long.

I must admit I did struggle with those extra 30 seconds and could definitely feel it at the back of my calfs but I managed day one and I am so proud of myself for finally getting out there and doing it. Music is such a HUGE help to me when running as it definitely influences me to keep going those extra few seconds giving me the little push I need and plus it makes it a little more enjoyable.

Is there anything that helps motivate you when it comes to running or any other types of fitness?