Children’s Christmas Eve Box

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My husband stumbled upon a Christmas Eve box for children last year filled with all sorts of goodies that your baby/toddler/child can open on Christmas Eve to get into the Christmas spirit and in my opinion it’s a bloody good idea. We did one last year but because Scarlett was only 9 months at the time she was a little young for it, though non the less she enjoyed watching The Snowman in some gorgeous thumper pjs in the middle of a chaotic house move, yes we did move on Boxing Day! eek.

So, we want to make it a tradition that every year she has a little special box that the elves bring her before heading off to santa to get her presents ready for the morning! I think i’m more excited than she is to be honest.

What’s in the box?

The Grinch DVD (£3, ASDA)

Frozen Colouring Book (£3, The Entertainer Shop)

Bic Pencil Crayons (£1.50, Wilkinsons)

Fleece Pjs (£6.99, ASDA)

Thorntons Snowman Chocolate (£2, ASDA)

It doesn’t have to burn a hole into your pocket and cost the earth and you can tailor it to what you like!

What do you think?


Christmas Eve box!

Hello!! I do apologise that I have not had a fresh blog post out for the past couple of weeks, we have been in the process of moving and getting the internet in the new place. I know this post features christmas but I thought it would make a lovely post and if anyone wants to take it into account for their little ones next year.


My partner is forever online looking up things, which I guess is a great thing as he stumbled upon this christmas eve box for your little ones, generally the box contains a DVD, PJs, hot chocolate and chocolate that they can open on the night. I absolutely loved this idea and have adapted it to our little family tradition and what better to start it off as Scarlett’s first christmas!

What I added to the box:

Bambi Sleep Suit & Body Suit (RRP £8) ASDA

SMA Ready Made Milk (RRP £0.96) ASDA

Milky Way Chocolate Bar

The Snowman DVD (RRP £8) Argos

Rabbit Bear (RRP £1) Primark

She absolutely loved the box and would definitely recommend this to other parents if they are looking for new ideas for their kids.


What’s your christmas family traditions with your kids, I would love to know!