Children’s Christmas Eve Box

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My husband stumbled upon a Christmas Eve box for children last year filled with all sorts of goodies that your baby/toddler/child can open on Christmas Eve to get into the Christmas spirit and in my opinion it’s a bloody good idea. We did one last year but because Scarlett was only 9 months at the time she was a little young for it, though non the less she enjoyed watching The Snowman in some gorgeous thumper pjs in the middle of a chaotic house move, yes we did move on Boxing Day! eek.

So, we want to make it a tradition that every year she has a little special box that the elves bring her before heading off to santa to get her presents ready for the morning! I think i’m more excited than she is to be honest.

What’s in the box?

The Grinch DVD (£3, ASDA)

Frozen Colouring Book (£3, The Entertainer Shop)

Bic Pencil Crayons (£1.50, Wilkinsons)

Fleece Pjs (£6.99, ASDA)

Thorntons Snowman Chocolate (£2, ASDA)

It doesn’t have to burn a hole into your pocket and cost the earth and you can tailor it to what you like!

What do you think?


Toucan Box


I have been on the hunt for a monthly activity box for Scarlett as a little treat for her and stumbled upon Toucan Box, scrolling through their website it looked pretty interesting so I looked around further. You are able to purchase three different types of boxes depending on your preference and price range which I think is a great idea.

Petite one activity (£3.95 + £0.98 postage)
Grande two activities and a book (£9.95 + £2.95 postage)
Super four activities and a book (£16.95 + £2.95 postage)

Petite delivers every two weeks, grande and super every month. Each box comes packed with loads of goodies and instructions on how to make an amazing project, pretty cool huh? In this months box Scarlett got some little medieval finger puppets, crayons, felt, ribbon, jewels and an instruction book. This months box will allow her to make a jewelled crown and some finger puppets which I hope will keep us both entertained for quite some time, as she is 1 1/2 she will need some assistance with her little box as it is aimed at those aged 3-8 (also advised on the website).

One big deal for me is that it fits through your letter box, HURRAH! It is a little tedious when parcels come for you and your not in – I know the simple things! so this is convenient and perfect in my opinion. I know that you can easily get the items yourself but I think it is so much nicer for them to have their own little parcel, it’s even addressed to them!