ELF Cosmetics | Getting Your Lips Autumn Ready


I absolutely ADORE the autumn and winter months, so as soon as September approached I did a little squeal of excitement. Everything just feels SO much more cosier, give me all of the knitted jumpers, candles & hot chocolates.. cliche I know but I love it. Unfortunately for me what comes with the colder weather is dry lips so getting them autumn ready is essential!


A good lip scrub is definitely needed to try and tackle those pesky dry lips, I tended to reach for Lush’s Santa Baby Lip Scrub but it does tend to be quite dry and ends up all over your finger so when I was that ELF had their own lip scrub that came presented like a lipstick I NEEDED it.

I was kindly sent the *ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator (£4.50) in sweet cherry, as mentioned the lip exfoliator comes in a lipstick container which makes it SO much easier to apply and completely mess free. The product is creamy but yet gently exfoliates your lips removing any dry and chapped skin. The studio lip exfoliator is infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils leaving you with that perfect base for any matte lipsticks!


This lip exfoliator has been a life saver, I have absolutely no problems what so ever when applying my matte lipsticks. My favourite go to autumn lipsticks have the be Kat Von D in Exorcism, Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry, Sleek Makeup Matte Lipsticks in Vinto Tinto, Urban Decay in Disturbed and NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Havana.

How do you get your lips autumn ready? Do you have a favourite product?


*Product sent for review


Must Have | Sleek Makeup Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks

Since discovering matte lipsticks I am utterly obsessed, actually obsessed is an understatement, they are pretty much all I wear now. I managed to grab the Sleek Makeup ‘The Magic Word’ set (£5) at Christmas from Boots, it was a little cute set of 4 minis in the shades Birthday Suit, Velvet Slipper, Rioja Red And Old Hollywood but of course my impatience got the better of me and I used them all before blogging them *oops*.


I was absolutely obsessed with Velvet Slipper so much that this is one of my most used of the set so I decided to take a stroll to Boots to grab the full sized version, I was a little gutted when I was looking for it all of them had been opened and used but I managed to spot one mixed in with others, it was fate. I grabbed Velvet Slipper along with Vinto Tinto (£4.99 each), Velvet slipper is a mauve kind of shade and Vinto Tinto is a deep berry purple which are both right up my street.



Sleek claims there is only one coat needed, I’ve found that doing two coats works best for me as it sometimes can be uneven, the pigment of these are lovely and compliment my pale skin perfectly. The matte lipsticks come with a doe foot applicator gliding on with ease similar to using lipgloss but dries matte within seconds and is literally glued to your lips all day long so that definitely ticks long lasting off the list. The formula is super lightweight, comfortable and doesn’t highlight any dry patches on my lips leaving them looking super smooth. I literally cannot live without them, i’d own them all but I tend to stick to darker shades so i’d love to see some more from Sleek.

What’s your most favourite matte lipstick?





Urban Decay Mini Haul


Being a beauty blogger makeup is forever on my to buy list especially when it comes to Urban Decay, their product range is gorgeous and i’m never left disappointed. I went to Debenhams a couple of weeks ago and strolled past the Ubran Decay counter and spotted that they had their Shadow Box palette for around £16 instead of their usual price of £23, obviously it went straight in my basket, there’s no doubt about that.. i’d be a fool not to.

This beautiful palette has 12 incredibly beautiful and buttery shades, all 12 of them are super pigmented, creamy and blendable. As of late I have been wearing smog, lost and baked cowboy constantly, it is definitely a perfect autumn look.

Shades: Sin, Indo, Bordello, Tornado, Smog, Blackout, Flash, Mushroom, Lost, Freelove, Moonshadow and Baked Cowboy.

What I love about this palette it that it is just the perfect size for travelling, it’s handy for when your out and about so you can pop it into your handbag or makeup bag without it taking up a lot of space, it also has a nice sized mirror so your able to do that perfect smokey eye look on the go.. perfect right?

I also picked up one of Urban Decay’s Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in the shade Disturbed (£15), fortunately for myself I really do not need any more lipsticks in this type of shade but you know what? I couldn’t help myself, I am well and truly obsessed as all you lipstick lovers will understand.. I feel so bare without any lipstick on. Even though this is a matte lipstick unlike some brands it glides across my lips without feeling dry or picking up those pesky dry areas, *curse having super dry and chapped lips in winter* leaving a bold and super pigmented statement lip behind. I honestly cannot recommend this shade enough for an autumn/winter look or even those who feel like that want something a little bit more dramatic than pink shades.

What is on your Urban Decay wish list?


Autumn & Winter Bold Lip Favourites


With colder months fast approaching plum, purples and deep red lipsticks are many of people’s choices especially mine! I never used to wear such a dark lipstick as I didn’t think I would pull it off, but who cares! After my first Michael Kors lipstick in the shade Dame I am now obsessed, to me it doesn’t matter if it’s the same shade or different brand, I must own it. So what better than to share my most favourite autumn and winter lipsticks with my lovely readers.

Michael Kors Lip Laquer – Dame (£23.50)

This gorgeous subtle shimery plum lipstick is so creamy, moisturising and doesn’t stick to any dry patches on your lips which is perfect for the colder months. Dame is build-able so it’s great for those who don’t want such an intense dramatic lip and also for those who are not sure if it’s the right shade for them, I tend to build 2 layers to get the correct shade for me.

 see original post here.

Lush Santa Baby (£5.95)

Last year Lush had this in a pot form I am so excited that they have finally converted it to stick form this year! Hurrah. Santa Baby is a matte lipstick and not so moisturising, even though it does glide along your lips it does highlight any dry patches so I like to use this in conjunction with their Santa lip scrub. This lipstick has INCREDIBLE lasting power, it literally doesn’t budge at all and possibly one of the best i’ve used!

RMK Irresistable Glow Lips 12 – (£19.50)

I absolutely love this lipstick for a more subtle winter makeup look or even for work, its a beautiful subtle plum/pink colour, again another moisturising lipstick.. can you see a theme here?

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub (£5.50)

If you suffer from dry lips like I do then this will be a life saver what’s even better, it smells of cola cubes too! It is a handbag favourite and never leaves.

Revlon Super Lustrous – Black Cherry (£7.99)

This Revlon lipstick is a stunning deep purple when applied directly, after a couple of hours it fades to a berry plum colour. I love how the pigment is intense and so creamy instantly giving your lips a huge moisture boost.

 see original post here.

Mac – Studded Kiss (£15.50)

A beautiful deep burgundy ox blood matte lipstick that has amazing lasting power and intense pigment, it is just incredible and smells like mini eggs!

 see original post here.

What is your favourite autumn/winter lipstick?


Revlon Super Lustrous Black Cherry Lipstick


For the past couple of years I have been absolutely obsessed with lipstick, especially dark shades such as plum, purples, burgundy and red. I feel that lipstick really finishes off any makeup look, so when I stumbled upon Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipsticks on Instagram, particularly Black Cherry (£7.49) I knew I had to get my mitts on it, I mean I had to right?!

Unfortunately I couldn’t test the lipstick out in Boots as there was no tester for this shade, but that doesn’t matter I trusted that it would be as good as it looked on Revlon’s Instagram post. I went ahead and purchased it, well I say purchased it.. I used my Boots points which always come in handy, thank you Boots!

The packaging is elegant yet simple, a slick black and gold holder which would look super slick in anyone’s makeup bag. This Super Lustrous lipstick is so buttery that it glides across your lips with ease not attracting any dry patches which is instantly giving your lips a moisture boost, a hit in my eyes as I hate ones that pick up dry patches it doesn’t really look attractive.. curse my dry lips. A huge hats off to Revlon for their intense pigments in their Super Lustrous lipsticks, this Black Cherry is beyond gorgeous and definitely a makeup bag staple in my eyes set for any autumn and winter looks.

Do you have a favourite autumn/winter shade?


Michael Kors Glam Lip Lacquer – Dame

michael kors

About a month ago I entered to win a competition from Cohorted, a Michael Kors lip lacquer so I was over the moon when it was announced that I had won. If you have never heard of Cohorted before then you MUST browse their store/website, any beauty addict would be in heaven.  In this Michael Kors range there are 3 different sub-collections, Spot, Sexy and Glam, with Dame falling under Glam.

Lets start with the packaging, it is just amazing! the gorgeous shiny gold with ‘Michael Kors’ embossed in white is a lovely touch. The only niggle is that the tubing is finger print prone, a huge pain in the arse for taking photos.

Upon first looks Dame is shimmery and deep red and plum tones which is exactly what I have wanted for quite a long time. Once I swatched Dame it wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be and quite uneven in my opinion, but once built up into a few layers the tone was darker and more coverage added. I am usually a little weary of new lipsticks as some pick out the dry patches on my lips but this does the opposite, it is incredibly moisturising thanks to the base of nourishing shea butter and vitamin E.

In terms of lasting power it doesn’t really last too long in my opinion and tends to come off quite easily during eating and drinking, that said it probably lasts a hour or two.

Overall, I am totally in love with this shade it really compliments my pale skin without being too in your face, I believe that this would look perfect in autumn months and simple winged eyeliner.

What’s your favourite Michael Kors product?


Lush Oxford Street Emotional Brilliance

If you have read my previous post you would know that I popped over to Lush Oxford Street at the weekend, if not then you can read it here. If you have been following Lush lately then you’ll know that the new flagship store on Oxford Street has recently just opened and have 200 exclusive products.


When I arrived I saw that they had updated their Emotional Brilliance line, they had finally brought out three new eyebrow products, an eyebrow crayon and a pomade. The eyebrow crayons are literally like Crayola crayons, which I find pretty cool, they come in Brun (brown) and Rogue (red) the colours are pretty much self explanatory a brown and red like tone. As mentioned above they have also released a pomade which I would have loved to get but they only had it in noir, which is definitely far too dark for me.


I decided to pick up the eyebrow crayon in Rogue (£7.00), as I thought it would suit the red tones in my hair. The crayon is really easy to add a burst of colour to your brows, the one thing I would say is it is quite hard to get any sharp and defined lines so if that’s what your after then this product is probably not for you. I absolutely love the reddy brown colour this adds, it isn’t the same shade as my eyebrow colour as they are dark brown but I think definitely suits my ombre hair. The one thing that I rather dislike about this crayon is that because it is quite waxy it tends to take a hair or two out, and for a person who over plucked when they were younger I don’t want to loose any more eyebrow hairs!


I also picked up one of their new exclusive lipsticks 50 Shades Of Red (£20.00) after I had it explained and swatched on my hand, I just had to buy it. This is basically a 4×4 block of lipstick, with shades of deep red, black and an orangey red so your able to create your own lipstick look. This block also came in nude and pink, which you can also use as a blusher. When one of the staff members swatched some of the lipsticks that I was able to create using this block I was totally in love, I was able to create a gorgeous deep red lipstick that I have lusted over for years! I use a lipstick brush to apply this to my lips leaving a gorgeous deep matte red look. The only disappointment about this product I have found is that it came in a little cardboard box, in my opinion it would have been a lot nicer if it had it’s own little tin so you don’t get lipstick all over your hands every time you use it though my partner solved that hurdle by making me a little styrene box for it.

The thing that I love about all the Emotional Brilliance products is that it is classed as face make up so you are able to use them for multiple things, such as lipstick as both eyeliner and eye shadow.

Overall, I really like this eyebrow crayon and I am so so glad they have finally brought an eyebrow range out but I really wish that they had a brown in the pomade, that would be better suited for me in my opinion. I am so in love with the 50 Shades Of Red lipstick block, it creates a deep red defined look which really does compliment my pale skin.


Smooch Cosmetics


I was kindly sent a number of items of Smooch Cosmetics from Aqua PR to review, I had never heard of this brand before so I was excited to give them a whirl. From a bit of searching around I have found this to be a budget brand so it is great for those wanting to save a few pennies after the January sales.

If you also have not heard of Smooch Cosmetics before then below lays out what the company is about.

“Cosmetics with Sex Appeal”

“Smooch Cosmetics, known for their saucy, lacy packaging and highly desirable range of colours. The concept came, quite simply, from a drawer of lingerie. The idea was to create a lust worthy cosmetics brand that was saucy and sexy without being salacious.

 Launched in 2011 Smooch Cosmetics currently create products for Eyes, Face, Lips and Nails. Who needs shades of grey when we have over 50 shades of pink, red, plum, purple…..?  

At Smooch it’s all about confidence. We love our packaging but know that if we were to peel back the lace you’d still have a product that helps you to look good and feel great.”

*Lipstick – Inferno 

Unfortunately I am unable to quote the price of this lipstick as Smooch Cosmetics website is currently being updated. The lipstick comes in a gorgeous matte packaging with their logo printed on the lid and the shade on the base of the lipstick. I absolutely adore this shade, it has orange undertones and is definitely eye catching and bright perfect for my pale skin. This lipstick has a lovely creamy texture which is great as it does not cling to the dry skin on my lips however as for lasting power it does fade quite quickly, so quite a number of touch ups is required.

*Lipstick – Gossip

Considering this is quite a pinkish lipstick which I try and steer away from as it is not really my colour it does look really nice on. The formula for this lipstick is again really creamy so it does not emphasise those dry lips but infact moisturises them, the only thing really that I have found a problem with them is they do not stay put for very long.

*Blusher – Peachy (RRP £2.45)

This duo blush is in the shade ‘Peachy’ which one shade is quite a light shimmery peach shade and the other is a matte darker peach colour, I have found that they are super blendable which is great as it does not look like a big peach patch on your cheeks. The pigmentation of these blushers are intense so a little bit really does go a long way!

*Eyeshadow – Social Butterfly (RRP £0.94)

Again the eyeshadow duo comes in a matte packaging with their logo printed on the lid, what I like about this product already is that it is compact which means it is perfect to carry around in your handbag for touchups, if needed. It also has a nice sized mirror included which is also definitely perfect for those on the go touch ups. When I first saw the price of this palette I was not sure how good it would be, as it is 94p! But the shades are two stunning shimmery shades of purple; they really do compliment one another creating a gorgeous smoky eye look. The pigment of the shades are fantastic, full of colour with just one stroke across your eye lids, they are also great for blending.

Overall, considering the prices of these products the quality is actually pretty reasonable, the pigmentation of each product is intense, though the lasting power is not that great. But for a couple of pounds can you really complain?

(Prices taken from Amazon)

Have you tried any products from Smooch Cosmetics before?

*PR samples*


Essence Cosmetics


I was kindly sent a few items from Essence Cosmetics to review, recently I have been a huge fan of this brand from what I have tested (review here) and read from other blogs their products are within a budget price range and a high standard of quality which is always great when looking for a makeup brand. If you have never heard of Essence before they do not test on animals but bring amazing quality for affordable prices allowing everyone to try out their brand.

*Long Lasting Lipstick – 07 Natural Beauty (RRP £2.29)

I received the shade ‘Natural Beauty’ which is encased in a matte finish holder giving more of a high quality feel to the product considering the price. I absolutely adore the colour! once applied to my lips it is subtle which is great for work, it also lasts for a couple of hours before reapplication is needed. The consistency is quite creamy making application easier, it is also great for my dry skin as it does not bring it out even when it has dried out.




*Quattro Eye Shadow Palette – 15 Most Wanted (RRP £2.99)

I love the shades in this ‘Most Wanted’ palette they come in silver, brass, gold and brown. The silver doubles up a brow highlighter which I have been using it for and it looks great, the shades are amazingly pigmented and long lasting. The only downfall I would say about this product is that when I have been removing it I have noticed glitter was left behind.




*Colour & Go Nail Varnish 81 (RRP £1.59)

I am not really one for red nail polish but this shade would definitely be perfect for christmas nails, a gorgeous glittery cranberry shade. This nail varnish applies nice and easy with only one coat needed for maximum coverage, also it dries easily so perfect if your in a rush.




Overall, I am extremely pleased with the high quality of these products for such a good price, they are definitely a must for those who have a beauty budget.

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your favourites?

Head over to Essence by clicking their logo below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 22.22.50


Makeup Revolution!


I am totally in love with Makeup Revolution at the minute, their new releases are absolutely amazing! I am definitely in need of more of their products. I was scrolling through their website because I needed some more lipsticks, that’s one item I lack in my makeup bag. I spotted their ‘vamp’ lipstick collection and the colours were stunning especially with halloween coming up, they currently have them on offer all 3 lipsticks for £2.. what a bargain. I also grabbed 2 from their ‘amazing lipstick’ collection which are £1 each – you can’t really go wrong with £1 each.


What I like most about these lipsticks are that they are highly pigmented and provide full coverage over you lips. Quite a few of the lipsticks such as ‘100% vamp’, ‘black heart’, ‘rebel’ and ‘reckless’ have quite a creamy texture which is great for my dry lips. Though ‘fusion’ has a matte look and a waxy texture to it which does not agree with my lips unfortunately but I counteracted this and used it as a base layer for ‘rebel’ and it looks absolutely amazing. ‘100% vamp’ and ‘black heart’ are quite similar in terms of colour and unfortunately did not suit me as they were too dark but they would be great for halloween makeup so they will still get quite good use. My favourite definitely has to be ‘rebel’ it has a lovely pinky/purple colour to it and it matches my skin well.

In terms of Makeup Revolution’s packaging it is simplistic and eye catching with their gold lettering, another great aspect of their packaging is that every lipstick is colour coded on top which is amazing for when your routing through your makeup bag, you instantly know what colour is what!

Rebel & Fusion
Rebel & Fusion
100% Vamp
100% Vamp

Overall, I am really impressed with these lipsticks as I have found that it lasts throughout the day with probably one touch up which is great. The colours for the collections are absolutely stunning, I want them all but many would not suit me unfortunately.


What do you think of makeup revolution’s products?

Head over to their store by clicking the link below and grab some fantastic deals!