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Hello again ladies & gents

It’s been quite a while since I published a post and if you’ve read my ‘life lately’ post then you will know that my life is pretty hectic. If you missed it, I’m currently doing my masters in forensic psychology, working full time and learning to drive. Pretty full on I guess but I don’t do things in halves!

So here goes, a new post for you to feast your eyes on. Grab a cup of tea and your all set to read on.

Photo Wall “are a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. Our wall murals and canvas prints are environmentally friendly, fire-retardant in accordance with Swedish standards and do not fade in sunlight. All our motifs are selected with care.”

With every purchase made through Photo Wall they support Vi Agroforestry and plant 5,000 trees a year around Lake Victoria, Eastern Africa to help fight poverty, improve the environment and combat climate change.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to have a custom canvas* made by Photo Wall, so I began on my hunt for the perfect picture! I flicked through hundreds of pictures and narrowed it down to a couple finally selecting one of my daughter, it’s simple.. yet beautiful.

I have to admit when the print arrived I was slightly confused as it came un-stretched but after reading the provided instructions it’s so easy to assemble.

Just lay your canvas print on a flat surface and position your wooden frames in place removing the 3M tape and fix them into place. Once you’ve positioned the four frames just fold them all into the canvas, bracket them into place with the screws provided and ta-da you’ve got yourself a stretched canvas!




I opted for a 43.31″ x 23.62″ sized canvas for my living room feature wall (£94)*, which is pretty big I must admit but I don’t think any other size would do it justice. Before receiving the canvas I was worrying over how the image quality would be slightly distorted due to the size of the canvas but Photo Wall exceeded my expectations, it’s incredible. So clean and crisp. Just perfect.

I honestly can not recommend Photo Wall enough if your looking for something new for your living room, a gift or just a memory. I’ve found myself wanting more of their products and eyeing up their wall murals for the bedroom because honestly there is some incredible prints.. you won’t be disappointed.

Want 20% off for yourself? Use the code MissaMorganCampaign2017 and what’s even more tempting, they offer free delivery!

*discount valid until 14th Feb 2018

*product sent for review*


My Labour Story

WARNING: This is my labour story so if your squeamish or just don’t want to read further then do not read past the photo below. Also this is my account of my labour, it is always different for others.

 Also I apologise in advance, this is quite a long post!scarlett

When me and my partner Evan decided to try for a baby I had to come off the pill which potentially meant not getting pregnant for 6 months, which to be honest is a little disheartening as in my mind I did not know whether I could have children or not. The 6 months passed and still no double lines on the pregnancy tests, I was getting slightly worried and unsure if it would happen for us. A week or so later I was cleaning the bathroom and I felt so sick which never happens to me when using cleaning products but I put it at the back of my mind because a week before I had tested and it was negative. After thinking about it all night I thought that I would just test again on the off chance and it was POSTIVE! hurrah, I couldn’t believe our luck. I was over the moon.

To be honest my pregnancy went unbelievably quick and before I knew it I was taking maternity leave! I decided to leave in January and I was due in March as I wanted time to chill out and clean before she made her big entry. I was like the size of a whale waddling around the flat craving so much cake and chocolate watching The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and so many films.

I actually thought that she would come early, but I got to 38 weeks and she hadn’t made an appearance so it was time to go to see the midwife for a sweep to try and encourage the little lady. I met the most lovliest midwife, she was called Sally and made me feel at ease and less nervous. Sally did my first sweep which just felt slightly uncomfortable for me but I know that some people find it pretty painful, so I booked the 2nd and 3rd sweeps with Sally too. The 3rd sweep came on Thursday 13th March 2014 which I think was around 10am, I actually got off the bus at an earlier stop and waddled a couple of miles to try and encourage her to move lower down. When I got to the appointment she managed to give it a really good sweep round and she thought that I would definitely have her by the weekend. After my appointment I waddled into town to meet Evan on his dinner and have a little walk around to try and encourage Scarlett to make a move.

I literally spent the rest of the afternoon on my yoga ball listening to endless songs on Youtube whilst the sun was shining through the window having the odd niggly pain. Around 3/4pm I had my show which does not look pleasant if I am honest it quite looks like snot (ew I know), but soon as you see this you are literally overwhelmed with joy that things are on the move… well I was haha. As soon as you are pregnant/have a child you and others are literally obsessed with the strangest things such as shows and baby poos.

Throughout the evening I had slight back pain which is what felt like mild period pains to me which increased throughout the night so I decided to try and get an early night to prepare for what was coming. As the evening passed the pains increased but nothing I could not handle, I literally couldn’t sleep as I was so excited that I would be seeing my little lady in a matter of hours or days. Because I couldn’t sleep I decided to get comfy on my yoga ball and watch some of Criminal Minds, I know it may be strange to watch when your in slow labour but I am literally obsessed with this series. The pains increased but it was still manageable just quite uncomfortable, I was drifting in and out of sleep as the contractions appeared and faded away until they were getting pretty uncomfortable I felt like I needed some paracetomol and a bath to help take the edge off and headed back to bed.

As the night went on it still felt like period pains in my back, I actually did not have any pains in my stomach but unbelievable pressure in my bum (sorry TMI) it felt like you needed a poo but couldn’t go. Around 4am I headed down to the birth suite as a first time mum I worried quite a bit, it is only natural as I had never experienced any labour pains before. I had quite an old midwife who checked me over, asked me quite a few questions and did an internal, now this midwife was quite rough and it did feel quite uncomfortable and painful when she was feeling around my tummy and doing the internal. The midwife said I was still 2/3 cms so she asked if I would like another sweep to try and encourage things, I agreed and went home afterwards. I tried to get some more sleep but it is literally impossible when you are having contractions here, there and everywhere.

The next morning the pains were getting more intense, more back pain and pressure in my bottom and it felt like I was pushing with every contraction even though I wasn’t wanting to my body was just doing it. I was panicking as I was not sure on how much I had progressed, I didn’t want to have her on my bedroom floor! So I rang the birthing centre again at 12pm and answered their questions, they told me to come down to be checked out. I went to the loo before I rang the taxi and discovered that I was bleeding, this instantly set me in panic mode I was just worrying on my way down there.

When I arrived they brought me into the birthing room, had a look over and gave me a pad to monitor how much I was bleeding.  They also asked me if I was happy for them to do an internal to see how I was progressing, I was still at 2/3 cms which made me feel a little deflated. The midwife also checked my BP and that was quite high so out the window went having Scarlett at the birthing suite, an ambulance was called for priority to blue light me to the nearest hospital which for me would be Burnley, I was pretty scared and couldn’t imaging what was going through my Evan’s head. I was literally laid there thinking through things in my head whilst they were inserting a canular into my hand and getting everything ready to move. Thankfully Sally walked in and she was able to come with me which instantly put my mind at ease and I managed to relax a little.

I was being transported into the ambulance, seriously those bumps are 100 times worse when your having contractions but the team were lovely and gave me my gas and air as soon as they could, which was a godsend as it allowed me to bite down onto the tube. Throughout my contractions my body was still pushing, I could not help it. Sally said that she thinks my bleeding was actually my waters going slowly with each contraction as they never actually broke with a gush. I was transported into my own private room and checked over to see how I was progressing and she said that I was 8cms! I had gone from 2/3 to 8 in around 1 and a half hours!

When I was ready to push the encouragement of Evan and Sally was extremely helpful, I focused on pushing and nothing else, I would finally see my little lady after 9 months of her being inside of my tummy. I was pushing for quite a while, I found it easier being against the bed which meant I had something to hold onto as well as Evan’s hand. I did have gas and air but I found that it worked for me if I was able to bite on the tube and push, it gave me that little bit of momentum to push. After pushing for a hour and half I gave birth to a gorgeous little girl Scarlett Rose Morgan at 17:26 weighing a whopping 9lb 12oz, she really did look the double of her daddy. I was instantly in love.

As soon as I sat down after she came out it felt like I had wet myself but afterwards Evan said it was like a horror show I had bled and it just went everywhere, I had lost a litre of blood in the end which made me feel pretty week afterwards. I had a lovely cuddle with her and some photos, both me and Evan were besotted with her, I couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful face. She instantly latched no problem at all, it was quite uncomfortable but manageable, I had always said I would love to breastfeed her and she did. Unfortunately I had to give up 5 days later due to it being too painful for me.

Sally stayed through to 8pm which is when her shift finished, I had Scarlett and was all sorted out afterwards, I cannot express how grateful I was to have her there. I did feel exhausted after it all so I was happy to have some tea, toast and Jaffa Cakes to boots my energy, I was also put on a drip to boost my fluids.

I stayed in the hospital overnight and was extremely grateful that they allowed Evan to stay too it made me feel so much better, throughout the night I kept looking at her, It was unreal I was finally a mummy to MY beautiful little girl. I really can’t believe it has been a whole year already. 

Scarlett Rose Morgan 

14th March 2014


9lb 12oz


10 Months of Being a Mummy!

scarlett 10months

I have been meaning to do more mummy blogging recently but I kept putting it off because I was not sure what to write. I really wish that I had starting blogging ages ago because I would have loved to blog about my experiences early on.

Scarlett Rose Morgan



9lb 12oz

10 months have flown by crazy quick, like seriously where the hell has this time gone!? My little lady baby has grown up into her own little person. Scarlett is full of laughter and her personality shines through her smiles. It feels like yesterday when I was in labour with her, the 9 months of waiting for her to finally be here and to see what she looked like was all worth the wait! she is an utter beauty. I instantly fell in love with her and could not take my eyes away from her little cute face, I was finally a mummy.

I’m not going to lie it was quite hard even with my partner with me during the first week, I was just absolutely exhausted especially as I breast fed for the first week which just felt like I barely slept. I was absolutely gutted when I could not breast feed as she latched like a gem but the pain was too much for me, I just could not do it as it felt like I could not enjoy my time with her as much as I liked. So we made the switch to formula after some help from the midwives and another go at breast feeding and it was so much better for us. That aside and the poopey nappies I seriously am so happy! We have created this little person, this little person that is going to grow up into a lady and call me mummy – I could not be more proud.

scarlett 10months2

It is amazing watching her grow and learn everyday which I find myself just sitting and watching her, thinking how perfect she is – soppy I know. She has learnt and developed so much in 10 months, she has took to eating like a pro – she is so good with her food and definitely has eyes bigger than her belly like me (my love for cake grows more). she said her first words – mummy and dadda which literally melted my heart when I heard them, I was on the brink of crying. She can also wave and clap her hands which really is the sweetest thing ever. She absolutely loves being on her feet, she loves to walk whilst being supported with a beaming smile on her face. I know I might be a little bias but she is the cutest and most beautifulest lady baby ever.

I can not wait for the many more years to come, I just can not believe how quick it is going so I am grabbing onto every moment I can. I hope you enjoyed the read and I will definitely be posting more about my little lady baby in future.







Thea Skin Naturals Cellulite Body Butter

10719051_611424045633642_970085789_n-1*Thea Skin Care Cellulite Body Butter 200ml (RRP £24.95)

I was kindly sent this cellulite body butter by the lovely Thea Skincarethis product is a rich hydrating body butter in which it aims to treat stretch marks and ageing skin this body butter is great for pregnant mums, those with post-pregnancy stretch marks or even if you just have stretch marks in general. I was excited to try out this as having a 6 month old daughter my stretch marks are still quite fresh, even though I am proud of them and love them as they show what I have achieved.

In terms of application of this butter you apply a generous amount and rub it in a circular motion into your skin paying attention to those areas you wish to target such as tummy, hips and thighs. The description of this body butter suggests that you use the product as often as needed, for the past 2 weeks I have been using this morning and night to achieve reduction of stretch marks in a shorter space of time. Obviously using it for 2 weeks is not a long enough time span so I will review this further in another blog post with before and after pictures when the pot is empty.

What I like about this body butter is that it is not thin like some moisturisers it has a thick creamy texture almost like a mousse which means that the product goes further. It smells absolutely devine leaving your skin soft, no wonder with what ingredients are included in this 200ml pot! So what ingredients does this contain? well, quite a a lot of it is organic.

The product contains:

Organic Aloe Juice

Organic Shea, Cocoa, Kokum and Mango Butter

Organic Calenula Extract

Rose Distillate, Avocado, Carrot Oils, Neroli, Rose, Jasmine, Geranium, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense Essential Oils

Vitamins A, B, C & E

Wow but it really does smell amazing! even better it’s made out of natural ingredients.



Have your tried this product before?

What do you think about products that make your stretch marks fade? Would you use them?

Head over to Thea’s website to get yourself some natural goodies by clicking the logo below