LUSH Cosmetics | Mini Haul

It’s been quite a while since i’ve done a Lush haul, my closest store now is Cardiff which isn’t that far away from where I live but I don’t tend to head that way often so when I was in Cardiff last week I HAD to go in store.

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I’ve been wanting to pick up Sleepy which is one of Lush’s recent new products for quite some time but I was holding out until I could try it first hand. There’s been a lot of attention on this especially from mums saying how it’s worked wonders with helping their kids sleep so I grabbed a sample of it in store and loved it so I went ahead and purchased the 95g pot (£7.95).

Sleepy has a gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower and sweet tonka absolute, it smells pretty incredible! I’m not quite sure whether it makes the little one sleep better as she’s always been a pretty good sleeper anyway and always has anything between 10-12 hours a night but it does make her skin incredibly soft and leaves her smelling amazing.

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I also grabbed the Lord of Misrule shower cream 250g (£10.75) which I tend to try and grab every year, it’s just a must have in my bathroom and I also grabbed the Lord of Misrule bath bomb (£3.95). Lord of Misrule has a herbal blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper with an intriguing vanilla absolute sweetness, again with most Lush things it smells pretty darn incredible with the scent lingering on your skin hours after.

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Lastly I grabbed the Secret Arts jelly bomb (£4.95), i’m a huge fan of anything spooky and Harry Potter so this is perfect! Secret Arts has cinnamon leaf oil, Brazilian orange oil and sweet almond essential oil. I’ve not yet tried this one i’m saving it for one of those much needed pamper days but the sound of cinnamon leaf oil is perfect for these colder nights.

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What have you got on your Lush wish list?



Yankee Candle | Spiced Orange

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As soon as 1st September hit like most bloggers it was autumn in my eyes, I always love this time of year, all the dark cosy nights in with autumn inspired candles, chunky knitwear & plenty of hot chocolates.. cliche I know.

Candles to me are the one thing that instantly makes any room look a little bit more cosier and homely, I tend to ALWAYS have a couple of candles in each room, I blame my mother for that but I was out of any autumn inspired candles so I was seriously lacking those cosy vibes. Of course that had to be dealt with, right?

 I headed straight over to the Yankee Candles and had a good old sniff of them all, Spiced Orange (£23.99) instantly caught my eye with it’s dark orange colour and scent. Spiced Orange has fragrance notes of fresh ginger, juicy citrus, ozone, spicy accord and sugared vanilla. It honestly smells incredible and fills the whole room with a spicy scent.

I opted for a large jar which burns between 110-150 hours, there’s nothing worse than your favourite candle running out after 20 hours. Usually I tend to stay away from Yankee Candles because of the price tag is pretty ridiculous at times but I just couldn’t say no to this!

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I’ve been burning this none stop for the past week, it honestly smells incredible and perfect for those cosy cold and rainy days!

What’s your perfect autumn scent?


Arthur Price | Despicable Me

Despicable Me 3 has recently released in cinemas, I took the little lady to see it a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely LOVED it! it’s such a good film for both adults and kids. With the new release of Despicable Me 3 to celebrate Arthur Price have released their own china and cutlery range, so if your kids love Despicable Me then they will definitely love this, I must admit I am slightly jealous.

I was kindly sent over their *Sea of Minions three piece set (£24.95) and their *Sea of Minions four piece set of cutlery (£24.95) which has made meal time that little bit more exciting for the little one. Scarlett could barely contain her excitement to allow me to take photos before hand, to be honest I know exactly how she feels with that one when I buy a new product for the blog I literally don’t want to wait for a nice sunny day to take photos before using it and sometimes I sneakily use it.

The Sea of Minions three piece set comes with a little china cup, bowl and plate and the four piece cutlery set comes with four stainless steel cutlery including a knife, fork, tea spoon and spoon. The sets are vibrant to make meal times more fun and exciting for the little ones, Scarlett loves having her cereal from the minions bowl in the mornings. The sets are lightweight, high quality and dishwasher safe. All of their Despicable Me items come with free delivery and 15 year guarantee.

*products sent to review


Amazon Fire Kids Tablet |


In December I wrote a post featuring Kidloland surrounding the idea can using phones/tablets actually be educational for children, we’ve always been pretty flexible when it comes to letting Scarlett use technology, obviously she has a time limit on it but we allow her to use it. She usually uses my tablet or phone to watch kids Youtube which isn’t so great when you receive texts or calls because she slides them up going un noticed for a while. We decided to invest in a tablet for herself, I’ve heard about the Amazon Fire Kids Edition £100 before and it sounded pretty suited for her.

  • Easy-to-use parental controls: set screen time limits and educational goals, encouraging learning before play
  • Comes with 5000+ age-appropriate games, educational apps, videos and books with 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited included
  • Worry-free YouTube videos and websites: controlled access to thousands of age-appropriate websites and selected YouTube videos through the Fire for Kids web-browser
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee: If they break it, return it and we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked
  • 7″ display, quad-core processor, kid-proof case, front and rear cameras, and microSD slot for additional storage up to 200GB


What mainly appealed to us is the 2-year worry-free guarantee, obviously when it comes to kids it’s likely at some point that it might get broken and being one of her favourite things to have at the moment I don’t want her to going without it and to be worrying about the cost to get the screen replaced or if the tablet gets damaged.

The tablet also has parental controls so that you are able to set screen time limits for example you can set it to the tablet can only be used between 6pm-7pm, Scarlett has adapted to that pretty well once her screen time is over it goes away. It also allows you to set educational goals so for example, Scarlett might have to do a piece of homework before having screen time.

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition comes with 5000+ games, educational apps, videos and books so there is plenty of entertainment for your little ones without them having to download endless apps, which is a pet hate of mine when she has my phone, if she doesn’t try to download them there is a risk of them being deleted and typically I can never remember what I originally had, there is no issue with that it’s all already on the tablet, what’s even better they are age appropriate.

I’d definitely recommend this if parents are looking to buy their little ones a tablet.



Toddler Clothing Haul | Nutmeg Clothing

Morrisons is always somewhere I forget to look for clothing for Scarlett, I love buying some of of her clothing from supermarkets because sometimes they are a lot nicer than what you get in high street shops. I tend to lean towards Tesco’s TU range, they have a beautiful range and do quite a lot of plum/purple colours around autumn which we both love.

With the lady baby’s 3rd birthday fast approaching clothes are always a great present, she is forever growing and she has so many toys and they just end up at the bottom of the toy box. Strolling through Morrisons I headed down to their Nutmeg clothing section which they currently had a few items on sale as well, I just wanted to put the whole lot in my basket, but I was good I only picked up a few bits that I thought she would love, each of their clothing is reasonably priced, has gorgeous designs, feels top quality and so soft to the touch.


Mummy & Me T-Shirt £2.50

Patterned 3 Pack Long Sleeved T-Shirts £4.50 (Sale)

Wonderful Long Sleeved T-Shirt £1.50 (Sale)

You Are My Sunshine Long Sleeved T-Shirt £2.50


Can using phones/tablets actually be educational? Featuring Kidloland


There’s a huge debate when it comes to children and technology, some parents allow their kids to use tablets, TVs etc and some it’s a complete no go which fair enough everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to bring their children up to how they wish, myself I see no problem with Scarlett using them. Scarlett watches TV and plays games including educational games on my phone but she isn’t stuck to the device 12 hours a day everyday, we still teach her so much but it has contributed and helped her thrive.


Kidloland* is an award winning downloadable app for phones and tablets aimed at 0-5 year olds which includes 1000+ nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities, games for kids on their app. The app is really easy to navigate through for both parents and children, Scarlett has had absolutely no problem with using it and finding what she wants.



The main menu of Kidloland includes, Nursery Rhymes 1-20, Stories, Phonics, ABCD Songs, Games, Learn to Trace, Nursery Rhymes 21-25, Surprises,Chomping Monsters, Popping Time, Activities, Magic Words, Create & Play Occupations, Create & Play Places Around Us, Wheels on the Bus, Weather & Seasons, Dinos, Old MacDonald Songs, Vehicles, Animal Kingdom, Fruits & Vegetables, Row Your Boat, Numbers 1-100, Lullabies, Colours & Shapes, Months & Days and Christmas Songs.


Whenever me and Scarlett are out and about especially when it comes to using public transport for long time periods I think it is important for us to have entertainment as she gets bored of books and me pulling funny faces after a while, she’s probably thinking what the hell is mummy doing half the time. Generally Scarlett tends to use Kids Youtube where she finds things like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol but this absolutely drains my data use age when we are out and about but with Kidloland within the app you are able to download the items so that whenever your on the go or have no internet your child can still use the app, so there is no worrying about using all your data.


What I love most about Kidloland is that it is really interactive, it’s not just getting her to sit in front of a TV and watch it like you would with shows like Paw Patrol, she has to interact with the app for example learn to trace, on the screen it comes up with a letter of the alphabet, it requires you to trace the letter with your finger. Scarlett is in love with this app and mummy plays along with it too.

App is free to download, subscription packages available at £3.99 for 1 month, £18.99 for 6 months, £29.99 for 12 months.

Kidloland is available on IOS and Google Play Store & Amazon App Store.

What are your thoughts about children using phones and tablets?

*This post contains PR sample*


Denman ‘Baby D’ Brush


A couple of weeks ago Denman was holding a competition on Facebook and the first 100 entries would win a ‘Baby D’ Denman ($13.35) hair brush and I managed to win one. I haven’t really used hair brushes on Scarlett’s hair before as unfortunately she doesn’t really have that much! though it’s recently started filling out with the aid of Lush’s ‘New’ shampoo bar (YAY) so this brush came just in the nick of time. I have been a fan of Denman brushes for a number of years in my opinion they are quite possibly the best company for hair brushes.

This hair brush is perfect for any little girl with it’s plastic white head with a baby pink rubber handle. I have found the bristles on the brush to be incredibly soft so they don’t hurt Scarlett’s head and glide through her hair without any problems. The brush handle is curved slightly also holdable to make it easier for your child to brush their own hair.


Getting Fit! Week 1

For the past six months or so I have been umming and ahhing about starting running, I started to do a few bits of excersize previously mainly focused on toning my stomach and just to generally get fitter but that soon went out the window when my dad came to visit and cake eating creeped in… oops. So after a few weeks of saying I wanted to get started on running I have finally taken the plunge, I find it quite hard to find time to do it as I have a one year old and a job but I am definitely going to try and do it even if it’s just once a week. I am mainly doing this to try and get a little fitter and get rid of my cake belly, oh how I do love my cake. I must shamefully admit I do get quite out of breath walking up a flight of stairs or a hill.


My partner started running using a C25K app on his iphone last year and within 8 weeks he was able to do 5k, so he definitely recommended that I started on that! What the app does is that it starts anyone that doesn’t run or hasn’t ran in ages to begin with short bursts of running mixed with increments of walking, as weeks pass running time increases and walking decreases until your able to run 5k.

Today I started, I found a local park because I do not think I would be too confident running on a main road and luckily there was only about 5 people there. My partner came with me for a little bit of encouragement and because he has completed the app before so it was nice to have someone there who knew what they were doing because I totally didn’t. The app has 8 weeks with 3 days in each week to complete so obviously we started on week 1 day 1, this involved a brisk five-minute warm up walk, then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. Now when I first read what the plan was I did think it was a little easy but I was totally wrong, running up hill was really hard for me though flat ground was a little easier to manage, but I did manage to complete the session, yay!

PicMonkey Collage

This is currently my stomach it is definitely not what it used to be which is expected when you have carried a little lady for 9 months and also the fact that she weighed in at a whopping 9lb 12oz, along with the cake addiction. I also want to get out there that I am not one for taking my baby weight to heart as I am proud for what my body has achieved and although I want to tone my body I am definitely not disheartened by how my stomach looks, I would like to think that I embrace it! 🙂

Have you got any running advice? I would love to know your tips and tricks.


My Labour Story

WARNING: This is my labour story so if your squeamish or just don’t want to read further then do not read past the photo below. Also this is my account of my labour, it is always different for others.

 Also I apologise in advance, this is quite a long post!scarlett

When me and my partner Evan decided to try for a baby I had to come off the pill which potentially meant not getting pregnant for 6 months, which to be honest is a little disheartening as in my mind I did not know whether I could have children or not. The 6 months passed and still no double lines on the pregnancy tests, I was getting slightly worried and unsure if it would happen for us. A week or so later I was cleaning the bathroom and I felt so sick which never happens to me when using cleaning products but I put it at the back of my mind because a week before I had tested and it was negative. After thinking about it all night I thought that I would just test again on the off chance and it was POSTIVE! hurrah, I couldn’t believe our luck. I was over the moon.

To be honest my pregnancy went unbelievably quick and before I knew it I was taking maternity leave! I decided to leave in January and I was due in March as I wanted time to chill out and clean before she made her big entry. I was like the size of a whale waddling around the flat craving so much cake and chocolate watching The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and so many films.

I actually thought that she would come early, but I got to 38 weeks and she hadn’t made an appearance so it was time to go to see the midwife for a sweep to try and encourage the little lady. I met the most lovliest midwife, she was called Sally and made me feel at ease and less nervous. Sally did my first sweep which just felt slightly uncomfortable for me but I know that some people find it pretty painful, so I booked the 2nd and 3rd sweeps with Sally too. The 3rd sweep came on Thursday 13th March 2014 which I think was around 10am, I actually got off the bus at an earlier stop and waddled a couple of miles to try and encourage her to move lower down. When I got to the appointment she managed to give it a really good sweep round and she thought that I would definitely have her by the weekend. After my appointment I waddled into town to meet Evan on his dinner and have a little walk around to try and encourage Scarlett to make a move.

I literally spent the rest of the afternoon on my yoga ball listening to endless songs on Youtube whilst the sun was shining through the window having the odd niggly pain. Around 3/4pm I had my show which does not look pleasant if I am honest it quite looks like snot (ew I know), but soon as you see this you are literally overwhelmed with joy that things are on the move… well I was haha. As soon as you are pregnant/have a child you and others are literally obsessed with the strangest things such as shows and baby poos.

Throughout the evening I had slight back pain which is what felt like mild period pains to me which increased throughout the night so I decided to try and get an early night to prepare for what was coming. As the evening passed the pains increased but nothing I could not handle, I literally couldn’t sleep as I was so excited that I would be seeing my little lady in a matter of hours or days. Because I couldn’t sleep I decided to get comfy on my yoga ball and watch some of Criminal Minds, I know it may be strange to watch when your in slow labour but I am literally obsessed with this series. The pains increased but it was still manageable just quite uncomfortable, I was drifting in and out of sleep as the contractions appeared and faded away until they were getting pretty uncomfortable I felt like I needed some paracetomol and a bath to help take the edge off and headed back to bed.

As the night went on it still felt like period pains in my back, I actually did not have any pains in my stomach but unbelievable pressure in my bum (sorry TMI) it felt like you needed a poo but couldn’t go. Around 4am I headed down to the birth suite as a first time mum I worried quite a bit, it is only natural as I had never experienced any labour pains before. I had quite an old midwife who checked me over, asked me quite a few questions and did an internal, now this midwife was quite rough and it did feel quite uncomfortable and painful when she was feeling around my tummy and doing the internal. The midwife said I was still 2/3 cms so she asked if I would like another sweep to try and encourage things, I agreed and went home afterwards. I tried to get some more sleep but it is literally impossible when you are having contractions here, there and everywhere.

The next morning the pains were getting more intense, more back pain and pressure in my bottom and it felt like I was pushing with every contraction even though I wasn’t wanting to my body was just doing it. I was panicking as I was not sure on how much I had progressed, I didn’t want to have her on my bedroom floor! So I rang the birthing centre again at 12pm and answered their questions, they told me to come down to be checked out. I went to the loo before I rang the taxi and discovered that I was bleeding, this instantly set me in panic mode I was just worrying on my way down there.

When I arrived they brought me into the birthing room, had a look over and gave me a pad to monitor how much I was bleeding.  They also asked me if I was happy for them to do an internal to see how I was progressing, I was still at 2/3 cms which made me feel a little deflated. The midwife also checked my BP and that was quite high so out the window went having Scarlett at the birthing suite, an ambulance was called for priority to blue light me to the nearest hospital which for me would be Burnley, I was pretty scared and couldn’t imaging what was going through my Evan’s head. I was literally laid there thinking through things in my head whilst they were inserting a canular into my hand and getting everything ready to move. Thankfully Sally walked in and she was able to come with me which instantly put my mind at ease and I managed to relax a little.

I was being transported into the ambulance, seriously those bumps are 100 times worse when your having contractions but the team were lovely and gave me my gas and air as soon as they could, which was a godsend as it allowed me to bite down onto the tube. Throughout my contractions my body was still pushing, I could not help it. Sally said that she thinks my bleeding was actually my waters going slowly with each contraction as they never actually broke with a gush. I was transported into my own private room and checked over to see how I was progressing and she said that I was 8cms! I had gone from 2/3 to 8 in around 1 and a half hours!

When I was ready to push the encouragement of Evan and Sally was extremely helpful, I focused on pushing and nothing else, I would finally see my little lady after 9 months of her being inside of my tummy. I was pushing for quite a while, I found it easier being against the bed which meant I had something to hold onto as well as Evan’s hand. I did have gas and air but I found that it worked for me if I was able to bite on the tube and push, it gave me that little bit of momentum to push. After pushing for a hour and half I gave birth to a gorgeous little girl Scarlett Rose Morgan at 17:26 weighing a whopping 9lb 12oz, she really did look the double of her daddy. I was instantly in love.

As soon as I sat down after she came out it felt like I had wet myself but afterwards Evan said it was like a horror show I had bled and it just went everywhere, I had lost a litre of blood in the end which made me feel pretty week afterwards. I had a lovely cuddle with her and some photos, both me and Evan were besotted with her, I couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful face. She instantly latched no problem at all, it was quite uncomfortable but manageable, I had always said I would love to breastfeed her and she did. Unfortunately I had to give up 5 days later due to it being too painful for me.

Sally stayed through to 8pm which is when her shift finished, I had Scarlett and was all sorted out afterwards, I cannot express how grateful I was to have her there. I did feel exhausted after it all so I was happy to have some tea, toast and Jaffa Cakes to boots my energy, I was also put on a drip to boost my fluids.

I stayed in the hospital overnight and was extremely grateful that they allowed Evan to stay too it made me feel so much better, throughout the night I kept looking at her, It was unreal I was finally a mummy to MY beautiful little girl. I really can’t believe it has been a whole year already. 

Scarlett Rose Morgan 

14th March 2014


9lb 12oz


Scarlett’s Outfit Of The Day


I really need to get into blogging more about my little lady, but unfortunately I never know what to write about (sad face). After reading The Dad Network’s blog and seeing a post on what outfits his son Ted is wearing I thought that it was a great idea so I have decided to start my own little series based around this.

When it comes to buying clothes for my little lady it is safe to say I literally go wild, I can’t help myself! She literally has more clothes than I do. I do have a weak spot for dresses for both myself and Scarlett, there is nothing sweeter than seeing her in a little dress, leggings and a headband she looks absolutely gorgeous.

So, today Scarlett wore some of her new clothes that she had bought for her for her 1st birthday. Throughout the day she wore a 3 piece dress set from ASDA (£12) bought by her Granddad, this features a floral cord dress with a beautiful yet simple pink top to go underneath and a pair of white tights. She also wore some super cute soft cotton mouse pjs from Mothercare (£14 2 Pack) also bought for her birthday after her LUSH bubble bath making her skin super smooth.

What do you think of this series?