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Mental Health is such an important topic that needs to be more widely discussed but unfortunately there is still so much stigma surrounding it. I’ve recently covered mental health on my blog with posts on my own mental health story and MQ Mental Health Charity so that’s where this post comes in, what can you do to help manage your mental health with self care.


When struggling with your mental health sometimes even the basic daily routines become a problem such as taking a shower, socialising with friends, attending appointments, not being able to get out of bed, that might seem unrealistic to those who haven’t had a mental illness or not know much about it but when you’ve got a mental illness such as depression these simple daily tasks become unmanageable and less important. Practicing self care techniques may help manage or prevent symptoms from developing but this is not always the case for everyone, some might require the use of medication and/or therapy, everyone is individual and unique, what works for me might not work for you.

If you’ve read my post on my own mental health journey you’ll notice that my mental health is a lot better than what it was, it’s a lot more manageable, it’s not totally gone as I do go through periods where I am pretty low in mood but nothing that requires the use of medication just a little self care when I finally force myself to do it, I am a little stubborn and i’ll keep telling myself and my husband i’m fine.


With working full time which involves 12 hour shifts 3 times a week and being a mum to a 3 year old life is pretty hectic, it’s really important for me to set a side at least a hour for some self care whether it would be binge watching Netflix, going to the gym or a pamper evening, just that little bit of time for myself. Usually my self care routine involves me running a bubble bath, lighting tonnes of candles, grabbing my favourite face mask out of the drawer which is currently Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal  Purifying Glow Mask (£16), caking my ever so dead hair in a Argan oil mask and catching up on my current favourite shows which are Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and The 100. Sounds perfect right?! it is, it really does the trick with helping me relax which in turn washes away half of the problems that which when you step back and look at the bigger picture, shouldn’t be an issue.


There are so many different types of self care that you could try such as meditation, starting a blog/journal, declutter, wear your favourite perfume, spend time with your loved ones or go to an exercise class.

Your mental health is important, it doesn’t matter if you feel it’s the smallest thing in comparison to others it still matters.  If you are suffering from any form of mental health speak to someone, a friend, a family member, a charity, your GP, it is really important that you don’t let it take over your life. I’d like to think that I will always make time for anyone that wants a chat if they’re feeling low.

Do you have your own mental health story? I would to hear how you coped with it in the comments below!


Ultimate Spa Bathroom

Images from Pintrest

I absolutely love my little pamper sessions, lets be honest who doesn’t?! I always try and make time for them to help me to unwind a little and find time for just me. With my partner working at Lush and also being a blogger I am never short of any pamper essentials especially as my all time favourite products have got to be face masks, though there is always something lacking for me to fully unwind and relax and that’s my bathroom!

We currently rent our home so I can’t really do much to the bathroom other than some candles and plants but I have always had this image in my head of how I would want my perfect bathroom to look.  If money was no object then to be honest I would go absolutely wild, because lets be honest who wouldn’t! it would be perfect and fitting to how I had visioned it.

UK Bathrooms have been carrying out some research into what people would like to create their own ultimate spa bathroom if money was no object. UK Bathrooms asked 1,000 UK residents over the age of 18 and had found that steam showers, whirlpool baths, sensory showers and home saunas were at the top of peoples must haves for creating their ideal spa bathroom. To be honest I would love all those features in my bathroom too!

My perfect spa bathroom would definitely have to be white and warm grey walls, fitted with a gorgeous cast iron bath and underfloor heating would definitely be a must for me as there is nothing worse than getting out of a toasty bath and being cold! I think that plants and candles would give the bathroom that spa feel making you feel more relaxed and definitely be at the top of my to buy list. I would also love my walls to have have lovely prints such as inspirational quotes making you feel good. Finally to finish my ultimate spa bathroom off I would definitely have to have a huge well lit vanity area just because what girl wouldn’t.

The Better Decorating Bible have also featured a post on ways to do a chic and cheap spa-style bathroom makeover no matter what size your bathroom is!

bathroom wish

What would your ultimate spa bathroom feature?


Timeless Truth Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask

DSC_0094 ED

Apologies ladies & gents for the little blog break, my dad has been visiting and the little lady isn’t feeling so great but I am managing to slowly get back to it.

I absolutely love my weekly pamper sessions, I always try and make time for it especially after running after a one year old and a job so a little time to myself is really important to me. So when I stumbled across Timeless Truth on The Bloggers Hub I instantly wanted to work with them, they decided to gift me their Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask* (£4.90) to test out and review on the blog.

Timeless Truth Ltd. Is the exclusive UK/Ireland distributor for Timeless Truth Facial Sheet Masks which provide the latest advances in bio-technology for amazing anti-ageing results. Timeless Truth have two ranges, their Fusion Masks and Luxury Masks.

This Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask is one from their fusion ranges which is neither a cream or a gel, these masks are fabric and face shaped making it super easy for use and application. This mask contains organic immortelle extract with hyaluronic acid helping to reduce fine lines and the visible signs of ageing. Skin is nourished and stimulated whilst the upper layers of the epidermis are moisturised.

The mask comes in a gorgeous matte packet which feels and looks expensive, the directions of how to use the mask are explained on the back of the packaging and also put in picture form for ease.

Upon opening the mask I found it a little fiddly as you had to remove the plastic layer before putting it onto your face whilst it’s quite slimy. The mask is designed so that your are able to shape it around your face perfectly but I must admit I do look slightly creepy wearing it, like something from a halloween film haha! As I have not used a sheet mask before I found it a little hard to get used to and especially as there was tonnes of serum in the packet and on the mask.


Apologies for the unflattering photo!

If your after a refreshed feeling then it’s best to pop it into the fridge for a couple of minutes before hand. I opted for the refreshed feeling and it felt really good when I adhered it to my skin instantly adding a cooling effect.

Once applied to my face it did tingle slightly but that shortly passed, during the time period it was on my face it continued to remain moist and cooling unlike some face masks. After waiting 20 minutes I removed the mask which was a simple process and my skin felt so refreshed and soft. I was really impressed with the results, my skin really did feel rejuvenated. To be honest I didn’t really notice any difference in terms of fine line reduction as I don’t have any so I can’t really comment on that aspect.

My Timeless Truth Mask wish list


Have you tried any TT products before?


BooBoo Velvet Handwash

961471_10152420430265974_376670130_nVelvet Hand Wash (RRP £9.99)

Every Sunday on Love Boo’s Facebook they do a quiz which they ask a number of questions and randomly select a number of winners. A few weeks ago I entered and took the quizes and won! I was recommended this company by someone on Twitter so I was excited to try the prize out.

If you have never heard of Love Boo before then they “offer luxurious, natural skincare & gifts for mothers and babies. Using the finest ingredients our beauty products are safe throughout pregnancy.”

Love Boo sent me the ‘Velvet Hand Wash’ which they currently have on offer for free if you spend £20 or more.

“This luxurious, natural, moisturising cleanser uses a hydrating blend of mallow and coconut oil to gently cleanse while super-restorative centella and white water lily work to repair damaged skin leaving your hands feeling nourished and pampered. Infused with the delicious fragrance of ginger, lemon and mandarin your hands will be left delicately scented, cleansed and super-soft!

Cleanses and softens

Leaves hands hydrated and supple

Naturally fragranced with lemon and ginger”

Firstly I must comment on how beautifully packaged this hand wash is, from the bottle right down to the font choice, it definitely looks expensive. Love Boo do not test on animals which is always a sign that I love to look for especially when using products on my little lady. The hand wash contains no parabens, sulphates, TEA, petrochemicals, synthetic colours, PEGS or DEA so it is jam packed with natural goodness! Though it does not stop there, the hand wash is infused with ginger, lemon, mandarin and peppermint which leaves you hands smelling absolutely stunning.

Overall, I absolutely love this product and will definitely need to buy some more when it has run out. The product is packed with natural goodness infused with ginger, lemon, mandarin and peppermint which is great for those overworked hands.

Have you tried this product before? What did you think?

Head over to their store by clicking their logo below!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 18.45.43


Sunday = Pamper day!

I have now turned Sunday into a pamper day, so what did I get up to yesterday?

Well, I recently signed up for a sample of Aveeno daily moisturising lotion from their Facebook page which arrived in the post yesterday yay!

I am trying to be kinder to my face and use more natural products. I have found that over many years I can not live without moisturiser in my daily routine otherwise unfortunately my skin would be dry and flakey, though I usually use Simple moisturiser but thought that I would give this brand a try.

Aveeno daily moisturising lotion 10ml (full size £7.65 from Boots)


So what does it say on the packet?

“Daily Moisturising Lotion combines the concentrated goodness of finely-milled naturally active Colloidal Oatmeal which rich emollients. This unique formula is clinically proven to go beyond 24 hour moisturisation and replenish the skin’s natural barrier function, to significantly improve the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and healthy.”

Damn I wish this packet was bigger, 10ml does not go as far as you would think being someone who moisturises morning and night but the question is does it do what it says on the packet? well honestly yes.. i’ve found that it does a fantastic job, I spent the day without any makeup on to see how well this product works and my skin still felt amazingly soft at the end of the day like it was first applied.

Also as a bonus I have found that it creates a fantastic base for applying my M.A.C. Studio Fix foundation.



Have you tried this product before? What are your opinions?