ELF Cosmetics | Getting Your Lips Autumn Ready


I absolutely ADORE the autumn and winter months, so as soon as September approached I did a little squeal of excitement. Everything just feels SO much more cosier, give me all of the knitted jumpers, candles & hot chocolates.. cliche I know but I love it. Unfortunately for me what comes with the colder weather is dry lips so getting them autumn ready is essential!


A good lip scrub is definitely needed to try and tackle those pesky dry lips, I tended to reach for Lush’s Santa Baby Lip Scrub but it does tend to be quite dry and ends up all over your finger so when I was that ELF had their own lip scrub that came presented like a lipstick I NEEDED it.

I was kindly sent the *ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator (£4.50) in sweet cherry, as mentioned the lip exfoliator comes in a lipstick container which makes it SO much easier to apply and completely mess free. The product is creamy but yet gently exfoliates your lips removing any dry and chapped skin. The studio lip exfoliator is infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils leaving you with that perfect base for any matte lipsticks!


This lip exfoliator has been a life saver, I have absolutely no problems what so ever when applying my matte lipsticks. My favourite go to autumn lipsticks have the be Kat Von D in Exorcism, Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry, Sleek Makeup Matte Lipsticks in Vinto Tinto, Urban Decay in Disturbed and NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Havana.

How do you get your lips autumn ready? Do you have a favourite product?


*Product sent for review


Revlon ColourStay Foundation | A Must Have!

When it comes around to that time to buy foundation I always dread it because I struggle buying my shade, being pale most of the lightest shades from drugstores are ivory and tend to have a slight warmer tone to them which I need more of a cooler tone so I tend to go to the more higher end foundations, the only drugstore foundation that i’ve yet got on with is the Boujour Healthy Mix.

I have used Revlon’s Colour Stay foundation in the past, the version without a pump, but it really didn’t get on with my skin, I don’t know if it was a bad batch or something but I found it impossible to blend and it was so thick. A couple of weeks ago I was wandering round Boots swatching different foundations and came across ColourStay again, I tried the pump version and this seemed better suited for me.

Revlon’s ColourStay foundation (£12.99) has 35 different shades and all suitable for all skin types covering dry/normal and combination/oily.

“ColorStay™ Makeup now with a convenient pump applicator for mess free application. Flawless, matte coverage that lasts up to 24 hours.”

I picked up combination/oily in the shade ivory, as i’ve mentioned above ivory tends to be warmer, but this is definitely toned down, it is better suited for my skin without being ghostly white. The foundation is quite thin, which one pump does my whole face sometimes less than that, it is really lightweight and provides medium coverage which is easily buildable without getting that cakey look.

I tend to have quite a bit of redness and dark circles, this foundation works wonders to even out my skin tone leaving me with a fresh and matte looking base. I can honestly vouch for the foundation being long lasting, I can apply the foundation approximately 3pm and work a 12 1/2 hour night shift and it’s still perfect in the morning without looking oily making me look better than I feel.

This honestly is my new favourite and will always have a spot in my makeup bag.

What’s your favourite drugstore foundation?


Autumn & Winter Bold Lip Favourites


With colder months fast approaching plum, purples and deep red lipsticks are many of people’s choices especially mine! I never used to wear such a dark lipstick as I didn’t think I would pull it off, but who cares! After my first Michael Kors lipstick in the shade Dame I am now obsessed, to me it doesn’t matter if it’s the same shade or different brand, I must own it. So what better than to share my most favourite autumn and winter lipsticks with my lovely readers.

Michael Kors Lip Laquer – Dame (£23.50)

This gorgeous subtle shimery plum lipstick is so creamy, moisturising and doesn’t stick to any dry patches on your lips which is perfect for the colder months. Dame is build-able so it’s great for those who don’t want such an intense dramatic lip and also for those who are not sure if it’s the right shade for them, I tend to build 2 layers to get the correct shade for me.

 see original post here.

Lush Santa Baby (£5.95)

Last year Lush had this in a pot form I am so excited that they have finally converted it to stick form this year! Hurrah. Santa Baby is a matte lipstick and not so moisturising, even though it does glide along your lips it does highlight any dry patches so I like to use this in conjunction with their Santa lip scrub. This lipstick has INCREDIBLE lasting power, it literally doesn’t budge at all and possibly one of the best i’ve used!

RMK Irresistable Glow Lips 12 – (£19.50)

I absolutely love this lipstick for a more subtle winter makeup look or even for work, its a beautiful subtle plum/pink colour, again another moisturising lipstick.. can you see a theme here?

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub (£5.50)

If you suffer from dry lips like I do then this will be a life saver what’s even better, it smells of cola cubes too! It is a handbag favourite and never leaves.

Revlon Super Lustrous – Black Cherry (£7.99)

This Revlon lipstick is a stunning deep purple when applied directly, after a couple of hours it fades to a berry plum colour. I love how the pigment is intense and so creamy instantly giving your lips a huge moisture boost.

 see original post here.

Mac – Studded Kiss (£15.50)

A beautiful deep burgundy ox blood matte lipstick that has amazing lasting power and intense pigment, it is just incredible and smells like mini eggs!

 see original post here.

What is your favourite autumn/winter lipstick?


Revlon Super Lustrous Black Cherry Lipstick


For the past couple of years I have been absolutely obsessed with lipstick, especially dark shades such as plum, purples, burgundy and red. I feel that lipstick really finishes off any makeup look, so when I stumbled upon Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipsticks on Instagram, particularly Black Cherry (£7.49) I knew I had to get my mitts on it, I mean I had to right?!

Unfortunately I couldn’t test the lipstick out in Boots as there was no tester for this shade, but that doesn’t matter I trusted that it would be as good as it looked on Revlon’s Instagram post. I went ahead and purchased it, well I say purchased it.. I used my Boots points which always come in handy, thank you Boots!

The packaging is elegant yet simple, a slick black and gold holder which would look super slick in anyone’s makeup bag. This Super Lustrous lipstick is so buttery that it glides across your lips with ease not attracting any dry patches which is instantly giving your lips a moisture boost, a hit in my eyes as I hate ones that pick up dry patches it doesn’t really look attractive.. curse my dry lips. A huge hats off to Revlon for their intense pigments in their Super Lustrous lipsticks, this Black Cherry is beyond gorgeous and definitely a makeup bag staple in my eyes set for any autumn and winter looks.

Do you have a favourite autumn/winter shade?


January Favourites


This post is a long one so I do apologise in advance, it is a mix between my favourite skincare and makeup bits at the minute.

First up is nail polishes, I bought both ‘Autumn Spice’ and ‘Wild Violets’ of the Revlon Parfumerie range (£6.49) from Boots which you can see the review on my ‘Mini Boots Haul’ post here. I absolutely adore both of these shades and I have been constantly switching between them ever since I purchased them. Both of these nail polishes have definitely creeped on to my bedside table.

My favourite skincare products have to start off with Lush’s 9 to 5 Cleanser (£5.10) is definitely at the top of my favourites list, it feels incredibly gentle on my skin, whilst it moisturises my skin it also removes all the dirt and makeup. I have also been loving Lush Tea Tree Toner Water (£7.95) whilst I have been using this product for the past month or so I definitely have noticed a difference in my skin and less spots. My skin feels fresh and squeaky clean after using this product, I usually use it after using my Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser.

Next up on the skincare list is Lush Enchanted Eye Cream (£12.50) this is definitely my go to product at the minute, I usually store this in the fridge and use it day and night as it makes a difference when cold, it really does freshen and waken me up. Another skincare product that I cannot stop using is Clinique Liquid Soap (£16) I find that this makes my skin feel super clean, without stripping the protective oils which is a bonus.

Now onto makeup, one of my all time favourite blushers is the RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks 01 (£30) from the packaging right down to the blusher I seriously can not find any flaws with this product, it creates a subtle glow on my skin and definitely perks up my face. My other favourite go to blusher ever since October is the Essence Hello Autumn Multi Colour Powder – Autumn in the City (£3.25) the design is just beautiful. The palette is packed full of autumn leaves packed with different shades of whites and browns leaving a gorgeous subtle shimmer on your cheeks. My favourite foundation at the moment has to be Lush’s Jackie Oates (£9.50), I love how this foundation is really light on my skin and matches my skin tone perfectly.

Ever since testing out Glo & Ray products I have fallen well and truly in love with their La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip – Mysterious 640 (£12), This is an absolutely stunning shade of red, I really do love how it compliments my skin and the lasting power.

One of my all time favourite eyeshadow palettes of this month is the Glo & Ray’s Mariposa Eyeshadow Palette – Violet Emotion 400 (£12), this palette is highly pigmented and creates a gorgeous purple and grey smokey eye look. Makeup Revolution has definitely been one of my favourite brands for the past couple of months, I absolutely love their products. So this Makeup Revolution – Redemption Hot Smoked Palette (£4) is definitely one of my favourites, I just love all the shades it is perfect for both a night and day look. Ever since winning Miss Makeup Magpie’s Instagram competition for the Too Faced A La Mode Palette (£) this has also been a favouriteI have been in love with it ever since I love both the shades and pigments. In terms of other eye products I have been grabbing the Essence Liquid Ink Matte (£2.80) a lot, I have found this to be one eyeliner that does not smudge, budge or fade all day, it literally just stays put.

What are your January favourites?


Mini Boots Haul

PicMonkey Collage

A couple of weeks ago I headed over to my local Boots store to do a mini haul, as for months I have been eyeing up the ‘Revlon Parfumerie’ polishes but never got round to actually buying some and was in desperate need for some new concealer.

Revlon Parfumerie Polish – Autumn Spice (RRP £6.49)

This nail polish is ‘Autumn Spice’, the shade is quite a shimmery copper colour it is gorgeous on and smells even better too. The scent is quite sweet but not sickly, it smells of cinnamon which is one of my favourite scents. In terms of longevity of the scent, it lasts a good couple of days which also survives through washing my hands a numerous amount of times due to my job which I am really impressed with as I thought prior to buying them the lasting power wouldn’t be that great. With regards to longevity of staying power without chipping it does last about a day or so without a top coat, but don’t let this put you off purchasing it. As I mentioned above, due to my day job I have to constantly wash my hands so naturally that would chip away at the nail polish.. I seriously need to invest in a good top coat!

Revlon Parfumerie Polish – Wild Violets (RRP £6.49)

This nail polish is ‘Wild Violets’, the shade is a deep purple which I absolutely adore! The scent of this nail polish is quite perfumey but is not overpowering, it has quite a fresh smell to it. Again this meets the same criteria as ‘Autumn Spice’ in terms of longevity of scent and lasting power which I am really impressed with.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair (RRP £3.99)

“Conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. Water-resistent and transfer proof. Use with Lasting Perfection Foundation and Powder for the ultimate in long-lasting wear.”

I was in desperate need for some new concealer to cover up those pesky under eye circles and nothing seems to be touching them lately. I have had a couple of bad weeks with Scarlett as she has had 4 teeth coming through at the same time so her sleep has been all over the place, as well as 10 hour shifts at work so my eyes were definitely feeling the lack of sleep. I have seen this ‘Lasting Perfection Concealer’ featured quite a lot in Zoella’s Youtube videos, I have used many concealers but they have never provided the coverage I have needed to brighten up my dark circles. So after watching one of her videos I headed to Boots whilst picking up the Revlon nail polishes and grabbed one in the shade Fair. I got home and tested it out, I can definitely say I was impressed! it instantly brightened up my eye area making me look more awake and no more dark circles. The texture is quite thick and creamy but does not feel heavy under your eyes which I find great. As for longevity it literally lasts all day without any touch ups needed to the point of me taking my makeup off at night, I have also found that I have not needed any primer or having to set it. I have been using this non stop for the past couple of weeks and it has definitely creeped into my favourites, I shall definitely need to buy a couple of back ups.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my Boots purchases, I definitely need to pick up another couple of scents from the’ Revlon Parfumerie’ range – the lasting power and the scent definitely draws me in. The ‘Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer’ is definitely a win for me, I am really impressed with the coverage of this product, it definitely brightens my dark circles literally making them non existent! this product has been my favourite ever since purchasing it.

Have you used any of these products before? What did you think?